DASH REALTY is fast becoming the broker of choice for most home buyers and home sellers in Houston for a good number of reasons

  1. The Real estate agents at Fortune Investment properties are experienced and have been around for a long time.real estate is a commission-based business and it would be very difficult for an agent to survive for a long time providing awful service. An agent who has seen many different situations is less likely to be rattled should any bumps be encountered down the road.
  2. We give enough time to our clients and prioritize their business.
  3. We work well with both Buyers and sellers and our vast cumulative experience as both buyer agents and listing agents makes our agents So should you be looking to sell your current house and buy another, the transactions will be much more seamless should one agent be able to oversee the entire process.
  4. We are a big team-Working with a team can have many benefits, but the relationship you will have with the other members should be clarified from the get-go. Within a team, its members will have a wider level of experience and you will often find one has more intimate knowledge of specific situations than another.
  5. We are very well equipped to face any situation in the process of buying or selling a homes and all areas of real estate.Are you a long-term investor, first-time homebuyer, house flipper, or selling an estate? These are just a few of the unique scenarios you may find yourself and you don’t want an agent who has little to no experience in your specific area. We are your Best choice.
  6. We keep good and frequent communication with clients at all times during our transactions. It is important that we agree and set expectations for how often you should be updated, the best methods to use and who all needs to be kept in the loop
  7. We have a network of trusted vendors-An experienced agent will have developed trusted relationships with other industry professionals over a long period of time. From lenders and title companies to contractors and inspectors,We as your agents should be able to refer you to multiple sources so you can ultimately determine who works best for you and that is what we do.
  8. Our testimonials from past clients speaks great volumes about our exceptional customer service
  9. We use a collection of orthodox and unorthodox ways to market your homes and get you top dollar for your homes.
  10. Professional and Integrity always- We always act with integrity and put the clients’ interest first above our gains or commissions

We look forward to doing business with you

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